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Product Overview

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Technique Guide

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Instructions for use

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Risk of Wire Stick Injury in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

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Potential Savings and Clinical Impact on Health Care Facilities

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Strength of Construct

Clinical Manuscript

Clinical Manuscript written by Dr. Johnson

KU White Paper

University of Kansas Case Report

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Andrew Jenzer et al. TMJ Article

Screenshot of Montag Case Report

Dr. Montag's Case Report

AEMC Report

AEMC Case Report


MGH Case Report

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University of Louisville Case Report


Ivory et al. JSOM Spring 2022.This article is available with permission from the Journal of Special Operations Medicine. Invisian Medical would like to thank them for the important work they do advocating for our US special forces. Access their website at

Video Gallery

New 3D Training Video


This new animated training tool will be a powerful resource not only for new users of Minne Ties, but also for surgeons with prior experience.

Minne Ties Training Video


This training video shows Minne Ties being applied on a real patient with the ideal application technique.

Minne Ties Agile MMF


An introductory video to Minne Ties and the application technique of them.

Minne Ties

Technique Management of Mandible Fractures


This video was presented at the 2016 American Academy of Otolaryngology - Head and Neck Surgery Annual Meeting prior to receiving FDA 510(k) Clearance.

Minne Ties are currently FDA 510(k) cleared.