Invisian Medical provides innovative medical technologies that improve the quality, safety and efficiency of patient care. Founded by Jan Creidenberg and Gulam Khan in February 2019, the company acquired Minne Ties® Agile MMF from Summit Medical, Inc. 


Invented by Dr. Alan Johnson during his time at the University of Minnesota's Medical Device Center Innovation Program, Minne Ties Agile MMF is an innovative, patent pending technology to rapidly, simply and safely achieve maxillomandibular fixation (MMF). Invisian Medical holds the worldwide license from the University of Minnesota for Minne Ties.


Unlike traditional arch bars or screw-based systems, Minne Ties is a non-invasive solution that eliminates sharp wires and screws that can cause injuries to the surgeon and damage to patients’ gums, tooth roots and mouth.


Minne Ties save significant time compared to arch bars and wires, saving costly surgeon and O.R. time. The technology offers flexibility for application and removal in surgical settings (the O.R.) and non-surgical settings, such as the emergency department or clinic setting. Minne Ties are efficient, taking less space in the mouth and allowing better access for plating, increased visibility and tangle-free suturing.


Invisian Medical is committed to providing the highest quality, innovative technologies, as well as the clinical marketing and education needed to establish Minne Ties and future products as best practices for healthcare professionals and patients around the world.

Meet The Team

Jan Creidenberg

Co-Founder, President and CEO

Gulam Khan

Co-Founder and Strategic Advisor

Brogan Moroney

Manager of Business Development

Diana Dinsmore

Director of Finance/Controller

Bob Lawrence

Director of Manufacturing and Quality

For decades, jaw fractures were treated with the same standard procedures that involved arch bars and wires. In more recent years, hybrid systems were introduced that use wire and screws. Although these treatments are both effective to treat jaw fractures, they cause severe pain and injury to patients’ mouths and gums. After completing facial trauma surgical training, it was clear to Alan W. Johnson, MD, that a new, and better, solution was necessary.


Dr. Johnson joined the University of Minnesota's Medical Device Center Innovation Program in August of 2012. Here, his goal was to learn about medical device innovation and look into ways that he could improve upon existing methods for treating jaw fractures. In addition to his facial trauma surgical training, Dr. Johnson’s background in engineering would help him develop a well-designed device that would be less painful for patients while saving the time of the surgeons and the money of the health system performing the procedure.


After Dr. Johnson conceptualized and created an initial prototype of what would someday become today’s Minne Ties® Agile MMF, the University of Minnesota approached Summit Medical with hopes to collaborate on the project. Summit Medical agreed enthusiastically and the team got to work. The Minne Ties concept went through the design and development stages once again with its new team, making it all the way to completion. This process led to the creation of the new and improved version of the first prototype, which is now the market-ready and FDA 510(k) cleared product that you all know today.


Minne Ties Agile MMF is a first-of-its-kind product in more ways than one. Not only is it an innovative product and solution that has changed how MMF standards are defined, but it also is the first product to be introduced to the market that came from the University of Minnesota’s Medical Device Center Innovation Program. In June 2018, it was also honored with a Silver award at the 20th Annual Medical Design Excellence Awards (MDEA) competition in the ER and OR Tools, Equipment, and Supplies product category.


Summit Medical is still heavily involved with the Minne Ties brand by manufacturing and selling the product, as well as managing the brand reputation and satisfaction throughout the healthcare industry.



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Always refer to the instructions for use before using any Minne Ties products.

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