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MMF Monthly Issue 2 April 2021

Updated: Dec 16, 2021

Welcome to the second issue of our e-newsletter designed to share clinically relevant information about MMF and the use of Minne Ties. We hope you find it helpful and a quick read; we’d value your comments and feedback.


An Early Pioneer in MMF

Dubbed by British soldiers in WW1 'the Miracle Man of the Western Front', Dr. Varaztad Kazanjian is considered the father of modern plastic surgery. As a young man he escaped the Armenian Genocide to work at an American wire mill. Dr. Kazanjian worked during the day and took classes at night until he graduated with a Harvard dental degree in 1905. At Harvard, he created innovative techniques to treat previously unmanageable complex maxillofacial fractures. Dr. Kazanjian realized that he could use wire to fixate small bone fragments along with custom constructed splints and internal vulcanized rubber supports. His construct stabilized the fracture until the grafting of bone and skin, making him one of the first surgeons to use intermaxillary wire instead of exclusively splints or bandages for the treatment of MMF. Click here to learn more.


Mini Case Report:

MMF has come a long way thanks to the help of surgeons like Dr. Kazanjian. Recently Dr. Lee Kojanis, Clinical Assistant Professor at NYU/Bellevue Hospital Center, used Minne Ties on a case to achieve MMF. Here's what he had to say: “All hands on deck! Maxillary mandibular fixation with the novel MinneTies system. Low profile, atraumatic, fast, and less chance for wire-sticks."


Invisian Medical Awarded Defense Logistics Agency Contract Worth Up to $7.5 Million for Minne Ties

The ECAT (electronic catalogue) contract provides DoD hospitals, VA hospitals, and other federal government customers streamlined and efficient procurement of the Minne Ties Agile MMF product line. Click here to read the full News Release.

We are pleased to provide greater access to Minne Ties for surgeons and other providers delivering care to active duty, dependents, and veterans around the world... As a U.S. small business, we are proud to provide our advanced technology that improves the quality, safety, and cost of care for those who serve our country.


Minne Ties Application Tip

Use the largest size Minne Ties whenever possible, which minimizes the chance of "flossing out" (i.e. the Ties can pull through the contact point). Only drop down to a smaller size if the largest size won't fit in the embrasure. In this image, the circled Minne Tie would have ideally been the larger size.


Invisian Medical was happy to host a number of in-person journal club events in March: NYU,Weill-Cornell, Albert Einstein Medical Center, Lankenau Medical Center and Naval Medical Center in San Diego. Additionally, virtual events were held with the University of North Carolina and Nassau University Medical Center.


Invisian Medical will be at the 2021 ISOMS Conference in Indianapolis

The meeting will take place on May 1st and will feature a number of key presentations. We're excited to support this organization and event!


Please Contact Invisian Medical For Clinical Support

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