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MMF Monthly Issue 3 May 2021

Updated: Dec 16, 2021

Introducing the Minne Ties Clinical Training Page

Invisian Medical is excited to announce the launch of our clinically focused training page! The training page consists of several areas/resources: Patient Selection and Application Tips, Training Videos, and Additional Resources. You can view the training page by clicking this link or by scanning the QR code found on all new product shipped after May 15!

Patient Selection

This section provides an overview of the types of patients/cases for which Minne Ties are ideal. No MMF method is right for every patient, including Minne Ties. Guidance for patient selection for your first few cases and with more experience is provided to help ensure a positive experience and outcome.

Application Tips

While Minne Ties are simple and easy to use, as with other technologies, surgeon feedback has indicated an initial learning curve. This section includes key application tips that will help you have a good experience, whether it's your first time using Minne Ties or just a reminder. Tips include using the right size, using enough sequential ties and proper tightening.

Training Videos The training page has two helpful clinical videos. The first video walks through each step of the application process, and the second is another example of Minne Ties application. New and relevant case videos will be uploaded on a regular basis.

Additional Resources

This section contains our Technique Guide and our In-Service Presentation. These resources are an in depth supplement to the training videos and quick tips. The Technique Guide is a step by step breakdown showing how to best apply Minne Ties and our In-Service presentation is used to educate surgeons on both patient selection and application tips.


Programs in April and May

Invisian Medical was grateful for the opportunity to host a number of in-person journal club events in the months of April and May: Indiana University Health, The University of North Carolina, Womack Army Medical Center, The Medical University of South Carolina, The University of Southern Florida Health, Brooke Army Medical Center, Madigan Army Medical Center, The University of Michigan, and University Hospitals. Additionally, virtual events were held with the University of Pennsylvania and Tripler Army Medical Center.


Please Contact Invisian Medical For Clinical Support (913) 228-1857 |

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